JCDecaux and NDA launch the Programmatic DOOH Live Awards 2024

Flow City’s success to be recognised at the Programmatic DOOH Awards is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the programmatic DOOH industry. The company’s award-winning campaigns have set a new standard for programmatic DOOH advertising. In 2024, JCDecaux and NDA unveiled the Programmatic DOOH Live Awards, an annual event honouring…Read More

Keep it hot

With Valentine’s upon us and predicted spending growing 40% on last year, I was looking at what brands may be up there apart from the usual chocolates and flowers.  One launch that got my attention was the Ember mug. A product looking very sleek and promising to keep the contents hot whilst you work.  I…Read More

Last Orders on Leaflets?

Last weekend I spoke to my favorite entrepreneur from the events and hospitality industry. So, if you are currently drawing up a strategy, evaluating your channels or looking for growth tips – read on.  I believe what she shares is invaluable for the Hospitality industry whilst being highly transferable to other sectors.  What I want…Read More

Deep dive

Have you ever considered that being end goal focused could impede your growth?  It can and here is my method to address it.  I am sure I wrote about Deep Dive before. It’s such a useful approach and one that is crucial to prepare the business for the next growth phase. If you have ever…Read More

Good Advertising

With spring in full bloom and restrictions lifting it’s hard not to feel optimistic. As we are drawing plans for new normal in terms of working and playing, we reflect on last year. As I do my daily walk I see all benches taken by personal trainers with their clients. Socially distanced Yoga classes on…Read More

Add value or move over

2021 marks the end of a middle man. A middle man whose position was solely based on placing himself between the buyer and the seller.  Nothing new really. We were observing this trend as the technology made direct transacting that much easier.  First were the travel agents and many predicted property and recruitment will follow….Read More

Sustainable Luxury

In 2020 Households in the UK have saved close to £17.5 billion a month during the last 2 lock-downs according to This is Money.  This trend continues in 2021 as people working from home are curbing their spending. It’s good for our budgets and good for the planet Whilst online spending grew by 34% in…Read More