Keep it hot

With Valentine’s upon us and predicted spending growing 40% on last year, I was looking at what brands may be up there apart from the usual chocolates and flowers. 

One launch that got my attention was the Ember mug. A product looking very sleek and promising to keep the contents hot whilst you work. 

I must admit it does all of that. 

I am not just talking about a zoom meeting to which I often make tea only to discover it is cold 30 mins later. Discovering your drink is cold affects everyone working from home – and not just office work for that matter. I would imagine stay at home mums, homemakers, gardeners and writers can relate to that

I love how it looks and any brand that manages to drive the price of the item 20 times but creating at least that much added value in the tech deserves a mention in my blog. OK, a lot of it is clever tech but I imagine a big part will be due to the fantastic brand it is becoming.  

Is this Dyson of coffee mugs? 

In terms of branding it’s as sleek as your latest Mac and it certainly is available for purchase at 

So does it work? It works so well,  that it will take some getting used to having the last drop of the coffee still the perfect 60 degrees. It’s counter-intuitive to start with. 

The app tells you when the mug is empty. Granted you can just have a look and see for yourself. However I am wondering what other applications will be built on that functionality – perhaps automatising ordering Gettir style or helping to locate your mug as we go back to offices. Really interesting space for utilitarian IoT. 

So if you are looking to keep things warm this Feb Ember mug can at least take care of that when it comes to a drink.