Cricket at Lords

If you are a brand looking for customers within one of the many ethnic groups in London you know how challenging it is to reach them. They are attractive and a loyal group but finding ways to speak to them requires creativity and ingenuity.

With the India vs. England Test starting today, we see brands like SBI UK – Safe Deposit Lockers company or Money Transfer Service – Remit2India grabbing the space at St Johns Wood station.

Over half of the 35 000 spectators circa 20 000 will reach the venue by tube.

The Flow City planning tool allows us to estimate that in just one day the campaign will generate over 100 000 impacts  – this is is less the 10p per impression.

Just like Wimbledon such opportunities come just once a year and at a significant premium. The space is limited and if you don’t get in there early you are likely to miss out.

The Flow City technology creates more opportunities to deliver hyper targeted ethnic campaigns. We have a new network launching in September allowing brands to target ethnic minorities throughout the year – no more waiting and having to fight for limited advertising opportunities.