Advertising noise – how to get heard?

Noise is an integral part of living in London. Trains, cars, helicopters. At work we hear the buzz of business being done, then lunch at the loud sandwich place. After 5 is off to Vibrant streets and lively bars.

During the day an average Londoner will interact with 100 brands! That is called advertising noise. So if you are one of those 100 brands how do you get heard?

If your budget is big then do big and bold.

Greatest brands are known for their larger than life guerilla stunts.

If, however, your budget is limited, but you are super creative then do what EGG conference guys did (see pic). They placed egg-shaped stickers on the Shoreditch pavements. Not sure how thrilled the local authority was, but it certainly grabbed the attention of the creative audience.

The key to getting heard is quite simple: choose a place where you can have an exclusive one on one with your audience – even if it’s just for a few seconds!