Slowdown or Lockdown?

The way we consume will change at least for the foreseeable future. 

Spending more time at home made us realise the quality of items and the waste we generate. Gardening, home cooking and walking are those forgotten joys that in a strange twist of fate we found we now have time to do.  

The lockdown meant that food shopping required more careful planning and it took some adjustment. 

During lockdown the weekly trip to the post office was actually something I was looking forward to. It made me stop by the local store next door to pick up tomatoes or meat, which is sold without any packaging. I noticed customers bringing their own fruit baskets which they are reusing. I am surprised we actually have been throwing them out. Seems such a waste!

After many months I popped into my local dry cleaner. I brought back the wired hangers. He said that more people do that now. 

As we slow down, we have more time to think about those things. The fast paced environment we lived up to until April 2020 made us adjust our behaviour. Now that we have more time, and an afternoon walk is a highlight activity of our day, let’s stop and think about connecting with the local business community who kept us going with essential services when we needed it. 

And who knows, maybe the slow down will prevent us from full lock down and that has to be worth a try!