Lockdown Marketer

The last quarter of the bizarre 2020 year is upon us.  With that the make or break planning for the all important Q4 is taking place. Will e-commerce continue its growth, hitting a jackpot  coming up to Christmas. Or will the consumer spending patterns change beyond recognition?

I think none of the Marketers planning their strategy on the cusp of the year envisaged the reality that they found themselves in. The success of some of the brands is nothing to do with luck but rather reactive tactics. Sometimes clever, sometimes bold and in many cases risky. 

Those that adopted the wait and see approach have missed out. As the old saying goes: “Busyness generates business” and that has never been more apparent. 

With teams being away from their usual location, the goal was the glue that kept them focused. 

Looking back at the last 3 quarters, there were some definite winners with young and established luxury brands, the food industry and some sectors of travel. Those that are capturing the attention audiences will reap the benefits in the long term. Change is coming ever more quickly, but as digital marketers we can only win if we are doing, measuring and improving.