For real, Facebook?

For the past decade the role of the context has been talked about by online publishers arguing, that their impression and “click” is not worth the same across the web. Yet the advertisers managed to somehow drive the value of the impression down in favor of the “click”.

It’s a highly flawed model and has been detrimental to both publisher and readers – rewarding ad tech vendors who sold us wholesale clicks, forgetting the context and value of the brand. It all came crashing down on the Brand Managers back in 2017 with YouTube ad serving fiasco. The importance of context came back to haunt us, highlighting once again the importance of quality over quantity in Brand Building.

Now with recent scandal surrounding Facebook fake clicks, advertisers are turning to more tangible metrics. We have run a test last Autumn after we have noticed discrepancy. We have been charged for 1000’s of click whilst our bounce rate rocketed. Those “people” stayed in our site less than a second which was odd as the same “people” who came to the site from CPM, on average stayed much longer and engaged with the site. So if you set on advertising with Facebook opt for CPM model. Your ad may be shown to fake people but at least those that come to your website are real.

For many of our customers  it’s back to traditional media: high quality publishing, great content, TV and Outdoor are unmatched for building the brand and brands sell products.