Successful  Creative

Users are always asking us, what makes the creative work. I wish that question could be answered in a single blog post. It takes a great product or offer and a super talented team to produce good artwork.

What I can share though, are some basic points on what to avoid to diminish the value of the space you buy and hinder your return on investment.

So let’s start with the basics. Getting your artwork approved by the stakeholders managing the billboard or the space. It their responsibility to ensure what is being displayed is appropriate for the location and the audience. Also it cannot be seen as competing with the business located in that space. Can you imagine Amazon Pantry on Panels outside Tesco? Or Boohoo in the shopping Mall outside River Island? Its unfair and rightly landowners don’t allow that.

It can be frustrating when you have the perfect plan, with the spot on the audience for your product, budget signed and at the very last-minute you start receiving rejections. If you are using an experience planner they will help you navigate the restriction. For smaller campaigns however it’s not practical to engage a team of specialists.

Since our launch, we have always pleaded with media owners on behalf of our advertisers.

I can say that this brought little result in terms of managing to change their minds. Over the years we have learned that there are good reasons for refusal. That knowledge helps us now to guide our users to produce artworks that are accepted by the publishers and are most likely to resonate with the target audience.

So, apart from product restriction, the creative must be appropriate for the location.

Flashing, fast-moving imagery cannot be run next to a moving traffic as it can distract the motorist.

Too much text will not work. You may think that people on the bus stop have time to read, however this is just a fraction of the audience (less than 10%). The other people you have an opportunity to engage with, are walking by, cycling, driving past or sitting on the bus. A striking image and a bold text is what works best.

Any e-commerce or app advertising works very well on the bus stop. It’s a great environment to link with Snap,QR or discount code – so this is the place to include that.

As a medium outdoor is a great medium to build awareness of the brand, build trust and desire.

Trying to do more can hinder the results, so keep this in mind when preparing your artwork. If in doubt, remember we are here to help you succeed. So do get in touch to take advantage of some of our highly experienced team members.