Location, Location, location

Nowhere is this phrase more relevant than in the property sector. In fact, it also applies to the Estate Agents premises. Good prominent shop front, with the right traffic is one of the best marketing tools you can have. Here is where potential vendors will first find out about your brand and the type of properties on offer. Here is where they assess if you are a good fit for them. How well you market yourself ultimately projects how well can their property be sold.

This is one chance to communicate the brand’s image and distinguish yourself from the competition. It’s all about inbound, Let’s face it, once they are in, you can explain why they should choose to instruct you.

The image of the high street has changed greatly in the last few years, with property companies dominating the landscape. This trend proves that both physical presence and traditional approach is important when it comes to the property business.

But what about those without premises, you will ask? They seem to be doing quite well. Well, they have leveraged digital and utilised it to perfection, that is for sure.

Should traditional agencies, therefore, focus more on digital? Will a physical presence on the high street be phased out or will the two enforce each other?  We decided to ask the industry. Look out for the results of our survey coming out in a few weeks!