The B-word

Those who know me, know very well how I usually stay away from moaning on subjects beyond my control and tend to avoid the subject of politics entirely. Perhaps with an exception of my kitchen table, where the politics and order of the world is discussed daily with my husband, alongside some close friends and other family members.

I have been recently been invited to speak at an AI event in Moscow. I jumped at the opportunity. It seemed a great event, relevant audience and set in one of the greatest European cities. It’s under 4 hours flight away, so I could be back the same day.  Given the geographical location, I was expecting to mingle amongst some of the best mathematical minds in the World.

And yet a month’s notice turned out to be too little for all the travel arrangements, including a 1 day visa to Russia.

This made me realise that the EU may have its faults, and some may say it’s a right old mess. The fact is, that UK citizens can now travel to pretty much any city in Europe at a few hours notice.  Something we may start to appreciate, only once lost.

There is a reason why Londoners voted differently to the rest of UK.

Is it because it’s home to one of the greatest Tech Hubs in the World? Or because most of the workforce here travels and understands the importance of open borders for the business community?

I am dreading the day when I have to issue an invitation for a fellow European entrepreneur. Let’s hope UK leaders will not allow for this to happen.